Lunch at the Azalea

Decadent Dining

Nestled in the centre of the Castle’s Walled Garden, The Azalea, situated in the Victorian Glasshouse & original Bothy, are adjoining, giving guests the choice of the surrounding gardens or picturesque views of the Azalea Pond.

The Earl of Orkney, who first created the Glenapp Estate, was an avid collector of trees and plant life, and another historic owner was May Stock, a wealthy aristocrat, philanthropist and keen horticulturist who spent a great deal of time in the Bothy, the Estates’ former potting shed. It seemed only fitting that years later, the current Proprietor, Paul Szkiler would sit in this beautiful, yet dilapidated structure, pondering how it could be made sustainable and become a real asset beyond a propagation unit for plant life for the Castle. The Azalea was therefore born to combine all the horticultural aspects of Glenapp Castle together with dining.



DINING TIMES - 12.30pm until 3pm

Private dining areas for lunch can be offered for groups of 8 or more people. 

Castle Dining

Award winning dining; locally sourced food

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Private Dining

Private dining surrounded by nature and beauty

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Afternoon Tea

Let time stand still

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