Artistry, Learning & Games

Little Art School at Glenapp

At the Little Art School, we believe that anyone can paint and draw! Using two bespoke images, talented artists will work and guide you through water colour washes and various painting techniques to transform a blank canvas into the perfect Glenapp memory. Enjoy a couple of hours on the Glenapp Estate working through your masterpiece.  Painting boosts our energetic, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as providing us the opportunity to fully express ourselves through art. This is a fantastic way to while away a couple of hours, suitable for absolute beginners and no experience necessary.

£400 for 1-6 Guests

£70 per additional Guest to a maximum of 12 Guests

Water Colour Painting at Glenapp

Allan McNally is a local artist, from Galloway, who specialises in the beautiful art form of water colour landscapes. Allan will work with you on your chosen landscape, on or around the Glenapp Estate and will guide and support you every step of the way to create your own personal masterpiece. Allan will show you how to utilise vibrant water colours to create the most breath-taking landscape.

£340 for two Guests

£90 per additional Guest to a maximum of 6 Guests


Glenapp offer an intimate photography class to help you explore, develop and improve your creativity, use our tantalising scenery, breath-taking views and exotic plants as a backdrop for the perfect photograph. Our experienced photographer will guide you through the manual functions of the camera, lens options and compositional techniques, giving you a deeper understanding of digital photography.

1- 6 Guests £200 for a 2 hour photography experience

Additional hours charged at £100 per hour

Pottery Class

Unleash your creativity with our expert guidance, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist. Feel the clay beneath your fingertips, mould it into beautiful forms, and turn your ideas into stunning ceramic masterpieces. This class caters to all skill levels. Discover the joy of crafting unique pieces, from elegant vases to quirky sculptures. Join us for a hands-on adventure where imagination meets craftsmanship. A perfect activity for all be for a family, on your own or as a couple.

£250 for up to 2 Guests

£75 per person for any additional Guests

Glenapp Beekeeping

Glenapp are proud to have their very own apiary nestled within the beautiful Estate that surrounds the Castle. Beekeeper Mark will help guests don headgear and overalls and discuss why beekeeping is a hugely important role within our immediate ecosystem. Guests will learn why production is so important, how to harvest honey and the role of each bee within the colony.

£70 per Guest


Galloway Forest Park in Scotland is home to one of the UK’s Dark Sky Parks due to the lack of light pollution resulting in amazing clear night skies. Guests at Glenapp Castle are fortunate and can experience the same expansive skies from the comfort of our Victorian walled garden. Come and experience the wonders of the night sky, you will be amazed! On clear nights you could view the Milky Way stretching from one horizon to the other. You might even be lucky enough to spot the mesmerising display of the Northern Lights! Finish this unforgettable night with a luxurious Glenapp "tiddly" hot chocolate.

1-8 Guests - £375 per experience


Grab a mallet and make your way to the beautifully manicured croquet lawn of Glenapp Castle, unleash your competitive side with a fun game for all the family.

This is a complimentary Glenapp experience

French Boules

French Boules is a great way to get everyone together for some friendly competition. May the best player win! The game of boules, otherwise known as pétanque, is perhaps the sport that is closest to French hearts. traditionally played beneath plane trees this can be enjoyed at Glenapp with glorious views over the iconic Ailsa Craig and beyond.

This is a complimentary Glenapp experience


The traditional game of Quoits has a long and venerable history dating back to ancient Greece. This ancient game is easy to play, in basic terms rope hoops are thrown at the wooden pins to accumulate points, the player with the most points wins!! This can be played by adults and children. Think tactically and try to outsmart your opponent!

This is a complimentary Glenapp experience

Chess at Glenapp Castle

The game chess holds a unique fascination, at Glenapp we have created a bespoke board, made from tiles originally from the roof of the stables situated within the Glenapp Castle Estate which date back to the Victorian period. The strategic complexities of the game offer lively minds immediate challenge and stimulating exercise.

This is a complimentary Glenapp experience

Perfume Making

With almost half a century's experience working with bespoke aromatics, our perfume experts deliver the ultimate fragrance experience. With 21 carefully selected scents, which range from natural botanicals to French perfumery we have the perfect materials to create a scent which will evoke memories and emotions to remind you of your unforgettable experience at Glenapp Castle. You will be met by Alison, our Master Perfumer, who will take you on a walk throughout the Glenapp gardens and Estate finding smells and aromas from the local fauna and then back indoors to either the Victorian Glasshouse or the Castle Library to create your personal scent. You will take away your own exclusive 20ml bottle of Eau de parfum Glenapp along with the recipe used to create this perfect perfume.

£650 per experience for 1 - 10 Guests

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is an evidence-based wellness practice proven to reduce stress and anxiety and support wellbeing through connectivity with nature. Guests will enjoy an experience which will include guided meditation and mindfulness techniques – which helps guests to detach from their busy lives and slow their mind and fully engage with their senses in a pleasurable and relaxing way. Guests will venture deep into the woodland areas of Glenapp Estate and be at one with nature away from the buzz of everyday working life.

£360 for 1-4 Guests per half-day

£85 per additional Guest

Digital Detox

Coming to a digital detox day with Glenapp Castle is not just about switching off your phone, it is about reconnecting with yourself and the natural world. It is all about breaking the cycle and looking up at the world and taking in the beauty of it, instead of looking down at your smartphone and scrolling through life. We will help you replace mindless scrolling with mindful connection with nature and the great outdoors. Guests will walk through the beautiful grounds of Glenapp Castle, out in the fresh air with their smartphones left behind in the Castle. They will enjoy the tranquillity of nature as well as enjoying time with each other. Our instructors will teach you how to utilize this mindfulness into your day-to-day life and how to restore time for yourself and for your family. Glenapp offer two fantastic detox packages, a family package, and an adult digital detox day.

The family digital detox day will include a range of immersive outdoor adventure experiences within the Castle grounds. These will include nature connection activities which will bring the family together such as bush craft style skills and nature connection games. This will include leaving all electronic devices behind and exploring the gardens and woodlands of Glenapp in an incredibly unique way. Our holistic guide will tweak the session to fit all the needs of the family and bring everyone together for a wonderful one-off experience.

The Adult digital detox day will include leaving all electronic devices in your room at the Castle while enjoying a fun day out in the Castle grounds. Fully submerged into nature you will take part in team building exercises, bush craft skills and learn about how to include this is your normal every day busy life’s. Our Holistic guide will talk you through the importance of meditating and simple steps which you can take to step away from the world of digital and into the world of mental wellbeing and nature.

£450 for 1- 4 Guests

Terms & Conditions

Each activity is subject to individual terms & conditions - please ask us for details when you make your reservation. All pricing detailed is for 2024.


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