Frequently Asked Questions



Please see below for frequently asked questions with regards to the Hebridean Sea Safari.

  • Is this type of adventure only for very physically fit people?

    No, it is important that people are reasonably fit so that they can get the maximum enjoyment from the island excursions but the boat is able to take wheelchair passengers and the skipper and crew would make special provision to provide support.

  • We see that children are allowed, is there any danger?

    All children and adults will wear lifebelts and would be under the supervision of their parents or guardians. Very young children are likely to enjoy the trip as much as those over 7 or 8 as there will be so much to take in. Children and teenagers would need to be part of the same group to maximise enjoyment for all guests.

  • What sort of wildlife are we likely to see?

    There is an abundance of wildlife onshore on the islands from red deer to heirs, otters, red squirrels but on many of our trips we see porpoise, minky whales, basking shark and a fabulous array of birdlife.

  • What is the weather likely to be like on these trips?

    This is the west coast of Scotland and the weather can be changeable. Whilst we have had gloriously consistent summers with much sunshine in recent years, the weather can change. The drama of seeing weather systems coming in can be exhilarating but equally the boat crew are very practical and the weather in the morning may be very different to that in the afternoon.

    Part of the crew and skippers’ leadership is to ensure not just safety but also to look at tides and winds to ensure that there are no unnecessarily uncomfortable passages between islands. This is managed by sometimes staying longer in one location before moving on to another by not embarking on certain passages where the conditions are unsuitable and as illustrated in the brochure, the boat is made for almost any weather and has 6 hydraulic seats to provide comfort in varying sea conditions.

  • What if we are caught out by bad weather whilst we’re on an island?

    If needed, the boat can be securely moored and up to 8 guests can sleep on the boat, or alternative accommodation can be arranged on land at short notice.

  • What if we booked two nights and three days on the boat and there was storms forecast for the whole time?

    Whilst this is unlikely, it is possible. In which case, guests would be refunded the part of their four-day trip (being two days on the boat) and given the alternative to stay longer at Glenapp Castle or alternative 5-star locations as illustrated in the brochure. Alternatively, it may be possible to wait out any storm and take the two days at a later date or to transfer the sea part of the booking to entirely different dates.

  • What is included in the full board dining experience?

    Cooked Scottish Breakfast each morning with alternatives of porridge, cereals, yoghurts and fresh fruit, dinner in the evening could include many seafood dishes including scallops, halibut, mackerel, sea bass and meats such as local steak, lamb and venison. There will also be wonderful vegetarian and vegan options available. It is important to state that the quality of food is a key ingredient of the adventure.

  • What if I am seasick?

    The distances between islands are relatively short, there are various techniques and medications which we will have on board (non-prescription) and the boat itself is a very stable vessel. In extreme circumstances, we would send a guest by road to the next destination.

  • Do mobile phones work?

    Generally yes but there are some very patchy areas in the islands. For emergencies or if you wish to pay extra, we have a sat phone on board. Equally, there is something quite wonderful about not having a phone signal.

  • Do we need to have wet weather gear for boat rides?

    You would be more than welcome to bring your own wet weather gear, but the Glenapp vessel will have gear for guests.

  • Can pets come on board?

    Generally, the answer would be no but it’s always worth having a conversation.

  • Where can we be dropped off afterwards?

    At any of the five-star hotels indicated in the brochure, or at west coast destinations as far north as Oban, Ayr or Troon. The latter two having easy access back to Glasgow and international airports.

  • Could we extend our adventure and go to places not already mentioned?

    Yes, the price per day extension is here on the website and we would be happy to take the vessel to Northern Ireland, the Outer Hebrides, the Northern Hebrides and to discuss with you very bespoke itineraries. We would suggest that the maximum nights on such an adventure would be 7.