Emphasis and Interest


The sea safari is designed to bring the very best of a five-star castle hotel experience, together with days and nights in the wilds of the Hebridean islands. On your journey, you will visit uninhabited and sparsely populated islands which have remained largely unchanged for millennia. Every sea safari adventure will allow guests to enjoy the most glorious of local sea food restaurants and inns. As you travel you will without doubt glimpse both the abundant marine life and vast colonies of guillemot birds together with puffins and cormorants.

With your own private chef on board, it will enable you to experience both the very freshest of local ingredients in unique Scottish island cuisine.

Whilst these elements will form the major part of all sea safaris, it will be for you to decide the emphasis of your trip. It could be that you have a special interest in remote island castle gardens, or that you would like to visit an ancient archaeological site. There are also many Christian settlements and monasteries to visit dating back to the very early centuries. You may have a desire to ‘tee off ’ on that far away hidden golf course overlooking the sea, or for your journey, you may wish to understand more of the culture and music of the islands, together with visiting a wide variety of historic castles. Perhaps long ago you had ancestors who lived in the Hebrides and you would like to discover their history, or you have always had a desire to visit a genuine Scottish island distillery. Share your sea safari emphasis and it will be designed into your sea safari experience.